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Choose The Right Light For Your Space

From statement chandeliers to LED table lamps, the right lighting can make all the difference in your space. But choosing the best style isn't as easy as flipping a switch. Check out our video below for a few bright ideas.

Chandeliers + Pendants

When you want to make a statement in a larger space, opt for a chandelier or a grouping of pendants. We love how a chandelier instantly dresses up a dining room and helps to anchor a table. To make sure it lights the table without getting in the way of your guests, hang it 30-36" from the chandelier bottom to the table top.

Pro tip: For flattering light, limit the bulbs to 100 watts or under and install a dimmer.


Sconces offer small space solutions in dining rooms, bedrooms and beyond. An adjustable arm sconce makes it easy to direct light where you want it most.

Pro tip: Install sconces on either side of your bed to free up space on your nightstand.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are all about scale. Larger lamps with a tall base and wide shade are perfect for sitting behind or next to a sofa. Smaller, more compact options add warmth to a shelf, desk or console.

Pro tip: To set the mood in the living room, you'll want at least 3 sources of light.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps make use of empty space and add height to a seating area. Perched next to a sofa or chair, an overarching-style floor lamp is a nice alternative to overhead lighting. It casts a wide glow without having to be hardwired into the ceiling.

Pro tip: Make the switch to LED! Our LED bulbs use 75% less energy, last 15,000+ hours and are mercury free.

Still need help choosing the right light for your space? Our stylists + designers are here to help. They can even connect you with a trained electrician to install any hardwired items. Stop by a store or make an appointment at

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